Ground Level

Ground Level is our social action programme. It will see us coming together with different partners to take action in the communities we are a part of - local, national and global - and make sure we are being the best neighbour and friend we can be.

  • 1. Build and sustain partnerships across communities
  • 2. Contribute to lasting positive change through collaborative action
  • 3. Be intentional,
    proactive and guided by the community
  • Running in the Dark

    Creating a safe space for women to run outside in the dark during winter. This project is supported by Strava and Fenixlights.

    The project
  • Cardiff Foodbank

    We will be launching a Corporate Volunteering programme for staff to take paid time off to volunteer at Ground Level charities including Cardiff Foodbank.

    Coming soon
  • Size Of Wales

    For a future with forests. Size of Wales is a unique charity that is making Wales part of the global solution to climate change.

    Coming soon

What is Social Action?

Social action is about people coming together to help improve lives and solve the problems that are important in their communities. Social action can empower communities, help people in need, and complement public services. Taking part in social action is also associated with higher levels of wellbeing, and can improve people’s confidence and skills.