Brew Guides: Cafetière

Brew Guides: Cafetière

How to Brew Cafetière

A cafetière, also known as a French press, is a great coffee brewing method. It's simple to use, allows for full immersion brewing, and produces a rich and flavourful cup of coffee. The method is versatile, allowing for experimentation with grind size and brew time to customise the coffee to your preference once you become familiar with the principles. Additionally, the cafetière is easy to clean and doesn't require filters. 

What you'll need:

Cafetière/French Press
30g ground coffee (medium-coarse grind)
500ml boiled water, tablespoon
scales, timer and a mug

Step 1

Add 30g (3.5 heaped tablespoons) of ground coffee
to the cafetière and pour over 500ml of boiling water.

Step 2

Start your timer for 10 minutes and stir briefly with a
spoon to make sure the coffee grounds are fully saturated.

Step 3

At 5 minutes give the cafetière a quick swirl,
this invigorates the grounds one more time.

Step 4

At 10 minutes push the plunger just below the coffee,
you don't want to compress the grounds as this will add
unwanted bitterness to the cup.

Step 5

Your coffee is ready to serve, pour and enjoy!


Decant all of the coffee in to a carafe or mugs
to prevent over extraction.
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