The Project

As Hard Lines Run Club organisers we want to make sure all runners, especially those identifying as female are as safe as possible during our runs. Research suggests that women stop running outside during Winter, when the nights draw in and exercising post-work is no longer an option as they are less safe running in the dark.

We asked our own Run Club whether this was true for them and the response was illuminating.

The Plan

Launching this winter in response to feedback gathered from our runners, we are introducing some new year-round safety protocols to our weekly runs and running events. The aim is to make our weekly run a viable option for women who want to run at night.

Fenix is sponsoring the project with 20 head torches for female runners. We are introducing new safety measures, including different-paced groups for different abilities and confidence levels, digital head counts and pre-published routes.

We will also be launching a digital guide for other non-professional run clubs.