Behind the Design

Behind the Design

The Wampís are an Indigenous, autonomous group who have called the Peruvian Amazon their home for over a thousand years. Their forests are vital to the global fight against climate change.

These forests make a significant contribution to climate action efforts in Peru and globally. In only two years, the Wampis territory is estimated to absorb the same amount of carbon as the total of Peru’s 10-year carbon reduction targets. Despite significant industrial mining activity, the Wampis territory has only been deforested at a rate of 2%. This is solely down to the efforts of the Wampis and their connection to their land, absorbing carbon dioxide and providing the planet with a percentage of its oxygen.

However, it is becoming harder for this Indigenous community to protect these forests from extractive industries and deforestation. Throughout the past year, we embarked on a journey with climate action charity Size of Wales to produce a coffee release that championed recyclable and sustainable packaging, holistically in line with the coffee it housed and the cause it supported.

This experience has been incredibly enlightening, allowing us to gain valuable insights from our partners and peers, and thoroughly delve into sustainable packaging challenges. Our partnership with G . F Smith was instrumental, as they provided support with Extract, a forest-friendly stock made from recycled coffee cups for the outer packaging. We consciously chose to forgo unnecessary stickers or extra information and instead used the packaging to convey the project’s message. For the coffee pouch itself, we opted for recyclable paper, lined with an alcohol-based barrier. While this decision meant the bags were not resealable, we believed it was a compromise worth making to prioritize sustainability.

We are truly thankful for the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the Wampis Nation’s cause. Our collaboration with Size of Wales has allowed us to support vital conservation efforts and explore the future of sustainable practices within the coffee industry, while also raising awareness about the importance of making environmentally conscious choices.

This project has inspired us to continue exploring innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint and make a positive impact in the communities we serve. We hope to build on this experience and work towards even more sustainable initiatives, fostering positive change and contributing to a healthier planet for all.
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